BEING totally honest with you, I don’t remember the last time I felt so physically and mentally tired while maintaining one of those Cheshire cat type smile from ear to ear.

Let me paint the picture: I’ve just been scoffing a large mixed kebab from the same star kebab van on Market Street in Bracknell.  I’ve been using them for 20 years and it’s still as awesome as it was the day my allegiance was first declared to them all those Friday nights ago.

I should maybe get to the point, (you’ll see what I did in a minute) because it’s about 1.30am on Sunday morning and, some of my amazing team have joined me at The Acoustic Couch for a well-deserved beer after a rather overwhelming day of fellowship at the Community Thru Music festival.

We held it at The Point complex in Bracknell, where together with the fabulous efforts of Hollywood Bowl, the Odeon cinema and property owners Land Security, we were able to pull off a mammoth double event day of live and unsigned music.

It was a hot day and the sun was beating down, making it the perfect accompaniment to such an enthusiastic group of musicians, volunteers and the friendly audience.

The Undecided started the day of live music.  The group of 15-year-olds did Garth Hill College proud.  Then came Mellotronanism, Pixiephonic, Spriggan Mist, who featured the brilliant Jadoo Tribal and we can’t forget The Freyed and Billy Boguard: what a superb line-up.

Everyone from the crowds to the cars, to the businesses, to the acts and bands made the first Community Thru Music festival a day to remember.

Then it was the turn of our venue in Market Street for the evening’s entertainment.  The Acoustic Couch Goes Metal was from 7.30pm till late.  A great way to celebrate our new community art centre’s home.

The entry was high octane from start to finish and the music was mental!  Vendetta smashed it out of the park and back,  The 17-year-old band and guest vocalist Michele rocked out fusing heavy metal and hip-hop vibes exquisitely.

Until Thunder and A Lost Throne were in tune with stellar performances leaving everyone wanting more.  Everyone from the evening’s gathering helped show what it is to be part of something growing: #communitythrumusic

The Bank Holiday weekend sees our next big event, as we welcome part two of the Acoustic Couch Goes Metal.  Get the date in the diary and join us on Saturday, August 27 for another great party.