IN two weeks time the Maidenhead Festival comes to town with a host of local bands featured over the weekend.

On the Sunday afternoon, Windsor based alternative rock band Don’t Look Now will be gracing the main stage with their blend of upbeat melodic tunes and catchy lyrics.

The guys have recently completed a rather wacky pop video for a track from their latest album Once Upon a Time.

The song is called The Best That Money Can Buy and was filmed a Medmenham village hall near Marlow, with the help of film producer Robert Martin Kelly from Ascot based company Charborough Media.

The basis for the video is a Dodgy Del Boy/Arthur Daly type character, turning up at a local village jumble sale (that just happens to have a live band performing) with his suitcase full of dodgy gear.

After failing to interest the punters in his gadgets and gizmos, he proceeds to sneakily nick some of the band’s gear and sell that instead.  Needless to say he gets his comeuppance in the end.

The video is a real family affair as it features lead singer Martin Montague’s nine-year-old daughter Kimberley-Jane as well as bass player Jez Hawthornes wife Emma and kids Adam and Debbie.

The hallway laid out with with different tables of ‘jumble’ to see proved a bit of a logistics challenge for props maestro Martin.  As well as all his band gear he had a table full of Kimberley’s teddies, one full of kids’ toys, one of kids shoes and one full of his Mum’s old Mickey Mouse collection!

Their Once Upon a Time album is full of a dry English sense of humour.

Like iconic bands Madeness, The House Martins and The Smiths.  The video is certainly reminiscent of some of the Madness videos from the 80’s and the music also has a bit of an 80’s feel to it.

The album is available to purchase on-line from iTunes or at gigs from Martin’s rucksack.

As well as the Maidenhead Festival the band have a few more live dates coming up over the next few months where you’ll be able to catch up with them.  They are at the Thai food and Craft Festival in War Memorial Park in Basingstoke on Saturday, July 23 from 1pm oil 5pm, another Thai Food and craft festival on Sunday, August 21 at Prospect Park in Reading and at the Oxfam charity festival in Bracknell on Sunday, October 2.

Martin and sax player Ian Thomson have also been know to do a spot of busing around Windsor town centre so you might want to keep an eye out for them this summer.

The video is on YouTube entitled: The Don’t Look Now Band – The Best That Money Can Buy (Official Music Video).  You can also see it on their website and Facebook