FOR a moment I felt like I was attending a audition for Jack and the Beanstalk.

As I entered St Margaret’s school in Hanworth everything reduced in size and I felt like a giant.

The class of seven and eight year olds were certainly full of beans and talk from the minute I walked through the door.  The class end-of-term project was to write a news report on the Cinderella story.

Each member of year 3 have achieved stunning work, all hand drawn and written, this class had no place for prints.  Charming, colourful illustrations accompanied beautifully written articles instead of photography.

I felt a thirst of knowledge and as much as an inquisitive bunch as they were, manners were a plenty too, each raising their hand to ask lots of questions.

During my visit I was tasked with the responsibility of finding a reporter to assist The Wokingham Paper.

It is such a busy time of the year, and with lots of us reporters needing a vacation, we need help to cover a story at the elegant South Hill Park on Saturday, July 30.

Just a week after our epic weekend of music at The Point tomorrow (July 23 10am-6pm – don’t miss it!) Bracknell Festival returns and we are hoping for a double weekend of community thru music.

South Hill Park (SHP) and Graham Steel Music company donated a family pass to one lucky family to go enjoy a day of raucous fun and reporting.

After some serious fabulous efforts from so many, the clever bunch and I decided the best and only fair way to decide who was to get this great gift was to first raise the roof with an applause worthy of a room full of winners.

Then we would drop names into a hat and draw out one lucky super sleuth to come and save the day.

Find out on Friday, August 5 how our lucky roving reporter and his/her family get on, as SHP take over theacousticcouch column.

If you are around tomorrow get down to The Point for our Community Thru Music Festival or next Saturday join us at the Bracknell Festival.

If you’re there, post a quote from your time at the festival through Twitter/Instagram/Facebook tagging us by using the hashtag #communitythrumusic

We might feature your comments over the next few weeks.