AS September brings the close of the festival season most brands start thinking of having a few weeks break.  For Bracknell based Folk Rockers Spriggan Mist this signals the start of possibly the busiest period of their year.

Back in 2013 they recorded their critically acclaimed album Ghostly Tales, a piece of work that they claim was something of a game changer for the band making them accessible to a whole new audience – everyone likes a cost story after all.

When the album was released, The Spriggs (as they are affectionately known by their following) embarked on a mini-album launch tour that was so well received it’s become an annual event now in its fourth run.

All the songs on the album are written about old ghost stories based in Berkshire.

Witches, Highwaymen, evil Landlords and other things that go bump in the night all get Spriggan Mist’s musical treatment.

The Ghostly Tales live show sees the band play the album in its entirety interspersed with stories and poems told by guest narrators – often in costume, adding to the atmosphere which is a great mix of ghoulish goings on, banter and bags of laughter.

All the album’s songs were written by the band’s founder members husband and wife Maxine and Baz Cilia, but new songs have been added over the past tours making each year’s show different.

The original concept was Maxine’s.

She explained: “I’ve always been intrigued by old ghost stories and Berkshire has many tales that were crying out to be made into songs.”

This year’s tour starts at Bracknell’s newest live music venue The Acoustic Couch in Market Street, then goes to Hampshire, Hertfordshire and finally returns to Berkshire for  finale in Sandhurst.

The band promises that no two shows will be the same but each will be a spectacle of colour and music.

Check out Spriggin Mist’s website to purchase the Ghostly Tale Album or check out the gig list for full details of where you can see The Ghostly Tales this October.