AGED just 13, Amelie is simply astonishing the attention you command when you open your mouth and start to sing.

You have a promising and colourful life ahead of you if you’re willing to put the work in.

Singer Amelie is daughter of local Ciderniks brewery owner Nick, who both appeared (in on way or another) at our recent event back in September.

As anyone in attendance at the Acoustic Couch’s Sunday special, held on September 13, if they remember Amelie, and I don’t think anyone will have missed this young starlet.

Music pours out of her and I don’t even think she realises how naturally gifted she is.

I can’t throw all that in the air without a big dose of reality.

The girl is good, to the point she’ll stop you in mid-conversation…but in a good way.  She will captivate you and take you on a journey.  She certainly has it, and it comes out in sparkles throughout her performance.

But, there is a whole wonderful journey ahead to learn and absorb the wonder that is music.

We hope for her every single thing that she wants out of music, how ever she may choose to embrace it.

In the meantime, this weekend sees theacousticcouch invite the young artist to visit local Berkshire producer Paul Carr.

It will be her first time in a studio and we’re looking forward to showing her the ropes, as we record her first professional project.

She is very lucky to have outstanding producer Paul Carr at the helm.  A recent graduate of Royal Holloway University and now spending the next year interning with Brigid Beney at Ascot Life Church as music technology intern and assisting with the youth under the supervision of Lauren Hamill, the church’s youth coordinator.

We feel he’s the perfect person to guide us through our first studio session together.

Having worked previously on an unreleased track called Merry Go Round.  I have seen first hand the growth of a maestro in music production.

His latest piece of excellent is available on his Facebook and is called Skateboard.

The mesmerising song is so fresh and relevant to the landscape of youth I see living around me,  The flow is current and I can see this track being adored by most that hear it.

Writer and vocalist of the Stella song is Dan Goss.  I urge you to take five minutes to check out his track Skateboard.

Its a sophisticated production and mixed with real current affairs of, I’m sure many a young person’s heart.

Everyone deserves a listen.

Some tracks deserved to be put on a playlist.  This is one such of them.

Click here to listen.