By Day

During the day The Acoustic Couch is planning to host a whole series of different events where the whole community is catered for.

The events are still in the planning but these are the thoughts of what we will be doing:

  • Early Bird – newspapers, betting slips, patisseries, background music – its will all be about starting the day right!
  • Parent and baby/toddler – a perfect social opportunity for parents and where kids can be kids. ┬áMusic is key and the vision is to create a group where there are musical interactions between parents, children and artists.
  • Lunch – open to all, where there will be a set quiet zone for workers, students revising or just to have somewhere quiet to read
  • Seniors – we want to create a friendly, happy, supportive environment where you can come along, have lunch, meet new people and join in with organised events like a cinema visit.

This list will keep growing and as we confirm dates/times for everything that is happening we will publish them on our events page.

Mick Corriette (Director and owner of The Acoustic Couch) originates from the small village Petite Savanne in the Caribbeans on the island Dominica. Two years ago they were hit by a landslide caused by tropical rains, that destroyed many homes and peoples lives, including a bridge that connects the village across a river. All funds raised will be donated for the construction of a new bridge.