By Night

At night The Acoustic Couch the main focus becomes all about music, whether it be fun, family or fitness.

Ideas are still being thought of but this is what we are thinking so far:

  • Karaoke on Sundays
  • Not Jools Holland – paying homage to a favourite format, live music and Jools Holland. ¬†An evening of music and whitty banter
  • On the Couch with… – a hosted event where the host decides what their evening will bring!
  • Jam on the Couch – unplugged event where you take turns to perform

These ideas will grow but if you have any ideas of other events that could take place at The Acoustic Couch then get in touch – we want to here from you.

Mick Corriette (Director and owner of The Acoustic Couch) originates from the small village Petite Savanne in the Caribbeans on the island Dominica. Two years ago they were hit by a landslide caused by tropical rains, that destroyed many homes and peoples lives, including a bridge that connects the village across a river. All funds raised will be donated for the construction of a new bridge.