5 star review  I first stepped into the Acoustic Couch a cold Feb evening back in 2015 after discoving there was a music jam session going on in this huge room with great potential .So went along not knowing what to expect.I came across Jody sitting on the couch with his guitar with a few people, he gave us the warmest of greetings.Settled down to listen him play. I thought to myself oh this is abit quiet with just a few people. how could this ever work? And here we are a year and a half later having been involved helping out at busy events meeting new people now I can call friends,Jody has bought a community of people to a great place to relax,chill, and totally be yourself in , we thankyou Jody and his team for making this happen! its a great place which i think is the heart of Bracknell and long may it continue Excellent

    thumb Jo Cerise Lewis

    5 star review  We visit the Couch every week. Sometimes several times a week. There is usually a musical event of interest to enjoy! Always a brilliant atmosphere, lots of musical talant and a friendly welcome! The staff are efficient and always pleasant! Comfy sofas to relax on whilst you enjoy a reasonably priced drink including teas, good coffee and hot chocolate.

    thumb Suzanne Cochrane

    5 star review  A great community centre. Really great idea and lots of live music.

    thumb Matty Hawll

    5 star review  Great night with some amazing talent showcased and the staff where amazing and welcoming. Awesome place

    thumb Adam Carswell

    5 star review  Awesome venue! Has a 1960's London type vibe about it! Great place to perform!

    thumb Penny Jayne Black

    5 star review  Fantastic venue, Arachna had such a great night!

    thumb Eve Edwards

    5 star review  Awesome atmosphere and the staff are lovely! Awesome to see a music venue in Bracknell that supports local talent ❤️

    thumb Maisie Khan

    5 star review  Really great venue with great people in charge and every time we have been made to feel welcome

    thumb Peter William Riddick

    5 star review  Such a warm and friendly place, has amazing potential. Staff are awesome ?

    thumb Sam Morrison

    4 star review  It's like having your own live band in your living room!

    thumb Stephen Hide

    4 star review  So much potential excited for the future of this venue and the community spirit it invites

    thumb Haylee E Dicker

    5 star review  Great vibe in this place, and the variety of music they put on is expanding all the time. I've been along to Punk, Funk, Rock and Folk and haven't had a dull evening yet. Big shout out to all involved, and to everyone else, get down there, you'll enjoy yourself 🙂

    thumb Neil Egan

    5 star review  Jody has done so much with this venue to make it a welcoming space for all. He's especially gone out of his way to leave word on the back door of the expected arrival of my disabled partner and checked he could use the facilities and had a comfortable seat with a view of the stage. Everyone, of all ages and abilities can be seen to be having a good time. Very family friendly.

    thumb Shodie Wilson

    5 star review  I had my 21st party here last night and it was absolutely fab, thank you so much for making it so special!

    thumb Alice Vince

    5 star review  Three great bands, free entry, what more do you need on a Saturday night?

    thumb Tara Bernadette Egan

    5 star review  Absolutely amazing night. You must attend next event!!!!

    thumb Matt Kille

    5 star review  Fantastic place, so welcoming and the tech guy really knows his stuff! I look forward to working with everyone again.

    thumb Ashley Johnson

    5 star review  This venue is AWESOME great music comfortable surroundings and very relaxed friendly atmosphere ☆☆☆☆☆

    thumb Shelly Pagan Gees

    5 star review  Great place...will be back! Brill music venue set up by a true professional who knows what he's doing!

    thumb Sarah Pomery

    5 star review  Absolutely LOVE this place..a completely professional set up with stage, PA, lighting, smoke machine, sound desk, engineer - everything you could want for a great gig. The team are fantastic and so helpful with set up, sound check and monitoring. If you want a great gig venue to get all your fans to, it can hold 150-200... and an online ticket purchase facility. I have been to a few music nights down there and have been so impressed. They are a great, welcoming crowd at the couch and it has a real sense of community. They have a couple of rehearsal rooms and a recording studio being built at the moment.. I am looking forward to trying it out. This is a great venue with amazing value to the community. Please get down there and support The Acoustic Couch and get the word out there that this is the place for aspiring artists to trial their material and get the place bouncing!!

    thumb Gemma Dorsett

    5 star review  Fantastic live venue in a great urban space - good people 🙂

    thumb Gary Ford

    5 star review  Very good place for kids with the pool tables- loved it!

    thumb Harry Elliott-Snowball

    5 star review  Great, relaxed atmosphere the night I went (Dec 21st). There were some great bands playing - Blue Rain and Loose Moorings plus some students including from the local Garth Hill college. At one time on stage, members from all three bands jammed together. The guys are very welcoming and I've been told it's family friendly, so I'm planning to go back next week with a few more people including our kids who are budding guitarists and drummer. As a community enterprise, I really hope this place gets the support of local businesses as I think it could produce some great talent and attract bands/artists from far outside the area.

    thumb Paul Twaddle

    5 star review  There's something oddly special about the vibe at the acoustic couch venue, with the biggest welcoming arms of the music scene in Bracknell some how you managed to attract all the right people who hold the upmost respect for your venue which is honestly interesting to be apart of. I think you've manage to break into a small but very large musically talented part of Bracknell, expect greatness because it's approaching fast in time.

    thumb Kayla Hayward

    5 star review  Great place for community to get together in! As well as people who want to travel for an event! Always good acts about and has a diverse range of what's on to suit everyone ranging from discos, to folk, to DJ's, to rock, to metal, to indie. Staff are helpful and the place is in a great location near enough to a bus station and a train station on a main line between London Waterloo and Reading so easy to get to.

    thumb Chris Rhys Hunnisett

    5 star review  I've been to the acoustic couch for almost a year now and each week has been just as good as the last.

    thumb Chris Weeks

    5 star review  The people thank you you make it great, you make us what we are #communitythrusic

    thumb Jody Stillone Rule